Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An introduction to Jeff’s Scuba Tips Blog

I have been an active diver, some have said overly active, for about 30 years now. I got hooked when I tried scuba for the first time in my high school swimming pool. I have had an incredible journey and have met some amazing people as I have sailed through life’s adventures. The simple tips and tricks I have learned over the years would fill volumes and I want to attempt to share all of that “knowing” with all of my friends.

I try to keep things simple and uncomplicated, I have found knowing how to use one tool well provides better results than having all sorts of options. Some friends have jokingly called me rigid, but I am very open minded to new ways and technologies. I just have been around long enough that I am not that easy to fool and I tend to look several steps ahead.

When looking at new equipment or method, I follow a few simple steps:
  1. 1.      What problem are we solving?
  2. 2.      Was this really a problem?
  3. 3.      What new problems have been created?

I like to have fun and enjoy my diving and I do not like to waste time or money. My real passion is ‘Joisey wreck diving – I love the history and mystery of shipwrecks. Of course, looking at pretty fish on a warm Caribbean reef is quite nice as well.

Your feedback is most welcome as I share all of my little pearls of wisdom, by sharing we can all learn more. One little warning, I have made some mistakes in my diving career, some real doozies! I do not plan on hiding them and will openly impart them.

See ya’ on the bottom,